(Closed) The night sky gave a feeling of peace and tranquility to Nyxus. Maybe because he was used to solitude, to being surrounded in a place where there was little to no noise aside from the general ambience. Well that and having Zeytaria constantly tapping in his ear but he didn't mind that at all. His mind was constantly at work though figuring things out and just generally thinking about things. It was still odd to be trapped on a completely different planet, having to blend in and pretend he was a human. He wasn't normal and an indication to that was his yellow eyes that literally everyone commented on. But aside from that he was enjoying the cool breeze and glancing up at the night sky. But his thoughts were interrupted by approaching footsteps.

شنیدم برده ای عشق من از یاد

کنون فهمیده ام من حال فرهاد


برچسب ها: حال فرهاد، کنون، عشق، گیتی رسائی، فریاد تلختر از سکوت،  

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